That report out of Chicago was a little too familiar: X-wired goes crazy and starts seeing things.

I can understand why they’d wonder why a guest is X-wired in the first place, and what he’s doing on the staff of a medium-sized food products company. But just because you’re X-wired doesn’t make you a freak, or mean that you’re up to something sinister. Okay, it doesn’t mean you’re up to something sinister….

There are innocent reasons to employ someone who is at the edge of glasware tech. There are innocent reasons why you would need someone who can crunch data faster than anyone else, or keep a whole database in your head. That’s what aides are for — keeping track of stuff so the head guy doesn’t have to.

In fact, I’ve seen speculative fiction that assumes that advances in glasware will eventually turn people into walking, talking information systems with processing power that you could only find in big server networks as recently as a generation ago. It may happen sooner than even those writers think — the Singularity, and all that.

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