<<So they’re gonna think twice about firing him.>>

My, what is it that has made you young people so cynical? In a less troubled time, that would be the provenance of people my age.

Yes, Dude, as I said: Miyamoto certainly seems to be Coerdian’s one indispensable man for this reason. It may well be that he is keenly aware of this when he deals with the Directors (with whom his relationship seems to be secure, though not always smooth). It may be that in his private moments, he cherishes some sly consciousness of that fact. I haven’t seen enough evidence in that regard, even though L.A.R.Y. seems to do a good job of recording his innermost thoughts.

But again, I believe that there is another way of looking at this matter: Let’s not forget that the subordinates you all mention — Rudy McInnis, Polu St. Nazaire, Jared Davis — are themselves very capable individuals and of great value to Coerdian themselves. Let’s not forget that St. Nazaire was widely regarded as the reigning genius of the hospitality industry when Miyamoto recruited him for Coerdian, with an uncanny gift for getting headlines and wowing discerning high-end customers. Davis, though not widely known, had tremendous credibility with the hobbyist and hacker communities as a hardware designer before he started wearing a white hat for Coerdian. You can argue, if you wish, that Miyamoto keeps them around just to make him look valuable to the company, as the one man who can mediate between them. But consider also that managing the willfulness and egotism of such talented people is the price that Miyamoto feels he has to pay to harness their talents for Coerdian.

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