We tell the front-line SecTeam guys that they’re not supposed to think when they’re in a situation. That’s true enough. They’re supposed to fall back on their training. If you stop to think in the middle of a crisis about what you’re going to do, whatever it is is going to be too late by the time you do it. They’re supposed to leave the thinking to their watch commander, or Dyson, or — God help them — to me.

But this business of letting L.A.R.Y. think for us — even as long as I’ve been working for Coerdian, I don’t know about this. I know Technical Services keeps her on the cutting edge of artificial intelligence programming, and that letting her handle certain cognitive processes for us through our glasware link is supposed to expand our mental capacities. Or whatever.

But it’s not a foolproof system, no matter how many times Davis and his Wired Guys say it is. They like to claim that it’s impossible to hack L.A.R.Y., but that’s like me saying that no one will get past SecTeam. It’s true, but only right up until the point where it isn’t anymore.

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