Nakaya’s report on the foam cannon thing yesterday doesn’t tell me anything I don’t already know.

He called for the foam cannon as backup when a near-riot broke out in the East Ballroom during the International Business Journalism Association keynote. As to that, it looks like some joker spiked the water jugs in the ballroom with a powerful hallucinogen. Dyson’s people are still looking into it, but the bottom line is that a room full of reporters hopped on synthetic essence of magic mushroom is not a pretty sight.

Fortunately, he never needed to use it. But it was deployed, and as SecTeam was porting it through the Lobby, it discharged, spraying sticky foam all over the place.

Nakaya talked to everyone who handled the cannon, and no one copped to firing it, even by accident. So his initial suspicion was equipment malfunction, and he’s sticking to it.

I asked Loch, the Armory’s special weapons supervisor, to check it for mechanical problems. I just got his report, and he says he couldn’t find anything wrong with it. In so many words, anyhow.

Of course, Nakaya is standing by his people. If he feels he can’t trust them, he can’t work with them. In fact, they shouldn’t be on SecTeam at all if that’s the case. So he almost has no choice but to take their word for it if he doesn’t know one way or the other. So, blame it on the machine.

And of course, Loch is blaming it on human error. He can’t find any obvious signs of malfunction. He takes care of the special weapons, so if there was anything wrong with the cannon, he should have seen it and fixed it. And if he didn’t know everything there was to know about these specialized devices, we wouldn’t have hired him to take care of them for us.

I have to trust both of them, and basically, they’re blaming each other.

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