Eh bien, Thanksgiving is now past. Now, we must consider what will be done for the Christmas festivities. My colleagues at other hotels, they have been planning already for months. But Monsieur Miyamoto, he will only permit decoration for three days, from the 23rd through Christmas Day.

So what we do, we must make it count!

Months ago, I began receiving the sales materials from the people who make such things…. There is the Japanese company that is making the mecha-Jesus… and the miniature sodium laser Christmas lights… which are warning that they are hazardous to the eyes, and not to be used near airports. Alas…. Perhaps the giant moving holograph of the Santa Claus and reindeer? Perhaps.

Or not. They will say I am repeating myself, because we had the Colossus of Thanksgiving. They will scoff at me. But this one, it is animated.

Alas. Perhaps I will just set out the candy dishes with the Bavarian handmade candy canes.

Mais non! Only that? Unthinkable!

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